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Memory Foam Orthopedic pet dog Beds – evaluation & Giveaway!

My family pets Remy as well as Scout like lounging around on their Memory Foam Orthopedic pet dog bed from treat A Dog.

We have the artificial fur version, now offered in a “giant” size for huge dogs or for several dogs (and cats) to share!

Treat A pet dog is a sponsor of That Mutt.

If your pet dog would like a new Memory Foam Orthopedic pet dog bed, utilize code THATMUTT10 for 10% off the existing sales price! discover a lot more here.

Memory Foam Orthopedic pet dog Beds from treat A Dog

Best Orthopedic pet dog beds

Why I suggest the Memory Foam beds from treat A Dog:

1. lots of space for huge dogs! Now offered in a “giant” size that will in shape nearly any type of big breed! My pet dog is only 62 pounds as well as he might quickly share the bed with one more weimaraner. (Designed to in shape dogs as much as 150 pounds or more.)

2. High quality! These orthopedic pet dog beds are guaranteed to hold their shape for at least 10 years!

They’re made in three parts:

high-quality Memory Foam Orthopedic pet dog bed
water resistant Memory Foam cover (removable + washable)
Faux fur bed cover (also removable + washable)

3. Soft as well as cozy. My family pets like the soft artificial fur feel as well as the comfortable Memory Foam pad! They’re regularly “claiming” this bed from each other or trying to take it from each other … even though there’s lots of space for two!

4. assists a dog’s joints. If you have a pet dog with arthritis, an athletic pet dog or a breed prone to joint problems, the Memory Foam Orthopedic pet dog bed will offer them some comfort. Remy is a young pet dog however we run long distance as well as he likes the comfort the bed offers.

5. contemporary style. The beds look appealing in your home. I like exactly how the artificial fur looks on our wood floors.


The Memory Foam pet dog beds are on sale for $119 on treat A Dog’s website.

You can take an extra 10% off with code: THATMUTT10

Order your pet dog a bed here!

The 10% off code is great for all products on treat A Dog’s site. There is likewise complimentary shipping on all orders $50 as well as over. View all products here.

Any cons to these beds?

The beds are available in lighter colors, so they may show off some dirt or dark hair. However, they are likewise simple to wash.
Not offered in additional little sizes
Kosta. These beds are a great quality, however they may be out of some people’s budgets. For a restricted time, you can utilize code THATMUTT10 for 10% off the sales price. Klicka här.

For additional little dogs or for cats, you may like treat A Dog’s artificial fur bed toppers. These are truly adorable as well as you can put them on your furniture or over an existing pet dog bed.

Best orthopedic pet dog beds for big breeds

The new “giant” size Orthopedic pet dog bed is now offered for huge dogs or for several dogs to stretch out as well as share. It’s created to in shape a pet dog as much as 150+ pounds.

Here are the three size options:

Small/medium: 40″ by 25″
Large/Extra Large: 50″ by 30″
Giant: 60″ by 35″

I suggest the additional big or gigantic size so there’s great deals of space to stretch out or share!

View the bed choices here

They are likewise offered in two styles:

Curved (white color with a hint of brown)
Rectangular (light grey color)

I personally like the rounded style just since the artificial fur is somewhat a lot more plush.

Here’s a video of my pet dog as well as feline “fighting” over their treat A pet dog bed:

Memory Foam pet dog beds to assist senior dogs

If you checked out evaluations of the beds, typical comments include people composing about exactly how the Memory Foam assists their older dogs’ joints:

“The best amount of pillow for my huge pet dog with joint problems.”

“… as they are older dogs, appreciate the pillow that molds to their body …”

“We desired a bit additional comfort for our old pet dog …”

I understand my old person Ace would’ve liked these Memory Foam beds! My 14-year-old feline sure does!

My senior feline likes these beds too!

Ge bort! Win an Orthopedic Memory Foam bed for your dog!

Update: The champion has been chosen. Congrats to Candice W.!

Treat A pet dog is providing away one Memory Foam pet dog bed to one lucky visitor of That Mutt! The champion will get the gigantic sized rounded bed.

To enter: all you have to do is leave a comment below so I understandDin husdjurshund vill ha på ritningen. Låt mig veta, varför skulle din husdjur som en ny säng?

Jag väljer mästaren slumpmässigt. Behöver ha en amerikansk postadress för att vinna.

Skulle din husdjur som en ny säng?

Låt mig förstå i kommentarerna!

Och dela detta publicera med alla typer av kompisar som kan vara intresserade! Säg tack till dig!

Lär dig mycket mer om att behandla en hunds sängar här

Jag komponerade en utvärdering av Treat A Dog’s Pet Dog Beds förra hösten. Du kan kolla in den utvärderingen här: Artificial Fur Pet Dog Beds

-Lindsay & Remy

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